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  • IoT Times: Top wireless standards for IoT devices

    IoT Times: Top wireless standards for IoT devices

      Most of the current machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity is working over the 2G GPRS standard, requiring 2G EDGE coverage and SIM cards. As operators phase out some 2G networks, in part to reduce cost, new standards have emerged in the past five years: Zigbee, LoRa, LTE-M, Wi-Fi 802.11ah (HaLow) and 802.11af (White-Fi). Depending on the application, […]

  • Smart Island Congress to Return to Majorca with Impressive Speaker Lineup

    Smart Island Congress to Return to Majorca with Impressive Speaker Lineup

    The leading world congress on smart islands will feature 95 speakers, mostly with international profiles, who will discuss how to enhance relations between island territories while addressing challenges such as tourism, climate change, competitiveness and innovation. Calvia, Majorca The event, organized by Fira de Barcelona will be held for the second time on 23 and […]

  • Paris passes its new Air Quality, Energy & Climate Action Plan

    Paris will be a carbon neutral city and 100% powered by renewable energy by 2050, after the Paris City Council unanimously adopted a new Air Quality, Energy & Climate Action Plan. Courtesy of Ian Kelsall (Pixabay) A major citizen consultation procedure will now be launched to allow every Parisian to participate in the implementation phase of […]

  • London Creates Ethics Panel to Evaluate Use of Facial Recognition

    An independent panel that advises City Hall on the ethics of policing in the capital is to examine the use by the Metropolitan Police of facial recognition technology. Today the Mayor of London announced that a new Chair of the London Policing Ethics Panel, the ethical policy expert Dr Suzanne Shale, will review the Metropolitan […]

  • Europe’s GDPR Slaps Data Collected by Cities

    Cities collecting personally identifiable data, by the government or through any third party, are responsible to abide by the GDPR rules, just like any other organization collecting data. Courtesy of Mayor of London office The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) is the most discussed piece of legislation in information technology. It […]

  • Who has responsibility when AI is running the show?

    Who has responsibility when AI is running the show?

    Paula Boddington, Oxford University researcher and author of “Towards a code of ethics for artificial intelligence,” guides us through some of the complex ethical issues raised by AI’s increasing presence in our lives, its impact on our value system, and why we need to think hard about what could go wrong before adopting it wholesale. […]

  • Islands of the World Get Their Own Smart Congress

    The three plenary sessions will look into the role of islands as committed examples of sustainability; islands in a connected world; and change-makers and economic development. After six years of successful Smart City Expo World Congresses in Barcelona, the island of Majorca will host one that focuses exclusively on islands. It comes at the request […]

  • “London’s toxic air is an outrage” says Sadiq Khan

    Mayor launches first Low Emission Bus Zone to tackle toxic air‎ The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, today delivered the capital’s first ever Low Emission Bus Zone in one of the most polluted areas of London, Putney High Street. The clean bus zone, which runs a total of 145 buses on seven scheduled routes, will now […]

  • Bike2Work project got half a million people out of their cars

    Approximately 300 companies in 12 European countries became cycle-friendly in 2015–2016, bringing over half a million commuters on their bicycles. Courtesy of Bike2Work “Since the 20th of February, 2017 any of these companies, governmental or non-governmental organizations can get certified for being Cycling Friendly Employer (CFE)! ‘With our project partners we delivered this scheme that […]

  • Airbnb still at odds with Barcelona City, who call its new rule for hosts “a joke”

    Airbnb still at odds with Barcelona City, who call its new rule for hosts “a joke”

    After Barcelona City Council conducted inspections and imposed sanctions on illegal tourist rentals in the city, Airbnb responded by announcing restrictions on multiple listings in the downtown area. Map of Airbnb Listings in Barcelona (Dec. 2016) — Source: Inside Airbnb In its press release, the company said hosts located in Barcelona’s Ciutat Vella (Old City) district would only be […]