Infineon Secures the Smart Home

Last year, a group of companies, including Google, Apple, and Amazon, under the Zigbee Alliance’s umbrella, formed the “Connected Home over IP” working group.

As part of the group, Infineon has been a leader in all major security teams, including those covering topics such as cryptographic primitives for encryption, device attestation and integrity, and security requirements certification of smart home devices.

To learn more about the initiative, and Infineon’s role as a security provider to the group’s standards, IoT Times spoke to Steve Hanna, Senior Principal at Infineon Technologies.

“CHIP is designed to make onboarding easy but also highly secure. Every certified device comes from the manufacturer with a unique identity built in. So adding that device to your smart home can be really simple. The consumer doesn’t need to handle and update complex passwords anymore for all their devices.”

You can watch the full interview and read a transcript on IoT Times:

Joining project CHIP, Infineon secures the smart home revolution

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