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  • Barcelona will have to wait for MWC 2021

    Barcelona will have to wait for MWC 2021

    Yesterday, the GSMA announced that it is postponing the Mobile World Congress to the end of June.

  • Will MWC Barcelona be affected by Coronavirus?

    Will MWC Barcelona be affected by Coronavirus?

    About 250 Chinese companies are registered to exhibit in the Mobile World Congress, including some from the city of Wuhan, where the Coronavirus outbreak first originated. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the Coronavirus outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). The outlook for the Chinese exhibitors and delegates to attend MWC20 is not promising, as […]

  • EU Council Stops WiFi Standard for V2X

    EU Council Stops WiFi Standard for V2X

    The European Council of ministers reversed the Commission decision to support the WiFi standard for vehicle to everything (V2X) communication in the Union. The newly elected European Commission will have to draft a new proposal to the European Parliament and Council with a “neutral” approach, letting car manufacturers and operators decide what standard use for […]

  • Network Slicing Allows Carriers to Charge More for Connected Cars

    Network Slicing Allows Carriers to Charge More for Connected Cars

    When 5G networks are operational and new autonomous driving features become available, carriers will have the opportunity to slice the services at will to offer customized speeds, latency and critical connectivity to different users. It will be like having several tiers of cellular data, with the premium users not only getting the best speeds, but […]

  • Europe Will Lag Behind in 5G Adoption

    Despite the efforts of the European Commission, and the EU sponsored 5G Public Private Partnership (5GPPP), the initial large rollout of 5G networks will not happen in the old continent, but in markets such as China and the US, then in several Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea, and then finally in Europe. Visitors […]

  • The Road to 5G Starts With Home Broadband

    This year’s MWC is all about 5G and IoT, with some handset and wearable launches. Wireless carriers and infrastructure vendors are starting to launch limited Gigabit broadband pilots to bring 5G class connectivity to residential users. While European telecoms have been focusing on deploying Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and Fiber-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) broadband in most cities, in many […]

  • Mobile Industry Asks EU to Relax Rules for 5G as Brexit Could Affect Roadmap

    The unexpected result of last month’s Brexit vote has created a well-documented wave of troubles for the financial markets, a significant drop in the value of the pound, and a sudden freeze on major new investments in the UK. It has also created headaches for the European wireless industry, which has been working against the […]

  • MWC Shows Industry’s Commitment to 5G

    Hopes run high for 5G at Mobile World Congress as the industry awaits a standard for the emerging technology. As expected, 5G was one of the main topics of discussion during Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year. Several companies had prototypes showing significant advances on the path to standardization and visitors could see working test […]