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  • Brexit Continues & Puts Additional Pressure on UK Industry

    While formal Brexit negotiations are about to begin — after the British government, in March, triggered Article 50 of the European Treaty to leave the Union — British people and businesses are already feeling the effects on the road to fully disconnect from the EU The pro-Brexit campaign claimed that leaving the EU was necessary to stop unwanted immigration of […]

  • European Union Approves Conflict Minerals Regulation

    The Regulation will cover EU imports of minerals tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold from all countries in the world, and is the first mandatory law of this kind to be truly global in its scope. On Thursday 16 March, at its plenary meeting, the European Parliament (EP) voted on the proposed Conflict Minerals Regulation. And, on […]

  • European Mayors say ‘no’ to rising populism and Euroscepticism

    The rise of Euroscepticism and populism has created a growing sense of anxiety among many Europeans. The mayors of major cities in Europe met in Brussels with EU and national leaders to set out the urgent need for changing the way politics is done. Mayors and politicians representing 36 cities from 15 countries attended the summit. […]

  • SoftBank/ARM Deal: Political Hurdles Ahead?

    SoftBank/ARM Deal: Political Hurdles Ahead?

    The deal could also face hard scrutiny by the European Commission, which is now becoming more critical about consolidation in the technology sector. This week’s biggest business news is the £24.3 billion ($32b) proposed acquisition of ARM technologies by the Japanese group SoftBank. While the UK government initially praised the deal as an indication of […]

  • Mobile Industry Asks EU to Relax Rules for 5G as Brexit Could Affect Roadmap

    The unexpected result of last month’s Brexit vote has created a well-documented wave of troubles for the financial markets, a significant drop in the value of the pound, and a sudden freeze on major new investments in the UK. It has also created headaches for the European wireless industry, which has been working against the […]

  • After Brexit, London’s Fintech Future is Foggy at Best

    Londoners are furious at their fellow Brits. Residents of the capital and surrounding counties voted unequivocally to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union. But their compatriots further north — in fact almost everywhere in England and Wales outside the home counties — voted “Leave”, starting a derailing process that will take the UK out of European institutions […]

  • Brexit Effect: 8 Ways Tech Will Feel The Pain

    The United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union in a landmark vote conducted June 23. Despite last minute appeals to remain from leaders in the UK, Europe, and elsewhere around the world, British citizens voted 51.9 % to 48.1% in favor of “Brexit,” as leaving the EU became known. In the wake of the […]