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  • Balearic government leans towards electric, as rental cars overrun islands

    The government of the Balearic Islands drafts new law that requires rental car companies to phase out fossil fuel vehicles and to switch to a 100% electric fleet by 2030. The new law, when enacted, will require rental car companies to increase the share of electric cars in their fleet by 10 percent a year starting […]

  • Taxi Drivers, Your Job has an Expiry Date

    Taxi Drivers, Your Job has an Expiry Date

    Autonomous vehicles are already in production and big city taxi drivers could be out of a job in 10 years, including those for Uber and Lyft. It may take 5, 10, or in some cases 20 years, but the taxi driver’s job is destined to disappear. By 2025 most major cities in Europe, Asia and North […]