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  • Eixos Maps London Retail Offering Covid Impact Analysis

    Eixos Maps London Retail Offering Covid Impact Analysis

    The way retailers are distributed across the city plays a vital role in business survival during a recession.

  • London’s ULEZ Shows Significant Reduction of Emissions and Pollutants

    London’s ULEZ Shows Significant Reduction of Emissions and Pollutants

    There has been a 44 % reduction of NO2 levels in the central London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ)

  • London adds five new Low Emission Bus Zones

    London adds five new Low Emission Bus Zones

    In his latest measure to tackle London’s lethal toxic air, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has added five new ‘clean air’ Low Emission Bus Zones in some of the capital’s worst polluted hotspots. Only buses that meet the cleanest emission standards will operate within the new Low Emission Bus Zones, which have been delivered […]

  • Mayor of London Launches Solar Action Plan

    Mayor of London Launches Solar Action Plan

    London will need to be supplied by a range of efficient and clean energy sources. Energy generated from solar technologies will be part of this mix and London is aiming for two gigawatts of installed solar energy capacity by 2050.  Courtesy of Solar Trade Org In the past decade, the UK has seen a dramatic increase in […]

  • Brexit Continues & Puts Additional Pressure on UK Industry

    While formal Brexit negotiations are about to begin — after the British government, in March, triggered Article 50 of the European Treaty to leave the Union — British people and businesses are already feeling the effects on the road to fully disconnect from the EU The pro-Brexit campaign claimed that leaving the EU was necessary to stop unwanted immigration of […]

  • Mayors of Paris and London Announce Car Scoring System to Curb Pollution

    Car buyers will soon be able to identify the most environmentally friendly models on the road and choose new cars that will help reduce air pollution in cities The mayors of Paris and London, Anne Hidalgo and Sadiq Khan The announcement was made following a closed-door meeting between mayors, senior city officials and representatives of several major […]

  • “London’s toxic air is an outrage” says Sadiq Khan

    Mayor launches first Low Emission Bus Zone to tackle toxic air‎ The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, today delivered the capital’s first ever Low Emission Bus Zone in one of the most polluted areas of London, Putney High Street. The clean bus zone, which runs a total of 145 buses on seven scheduled routes, will now […]

  • Sadiq Khan asks Volkswagen to pay £2.5m in lost congestion charge

    Mayor of London Sadiq Khan says 80,000 VW owners have not paid congestion charges for years because their cars were marketed as cleaner. Now that the world knows otherwise, he thinks Volkswagen should pay up. Khan recently wrote to Volkswagen asking it to compensate London and its residents for the damage caused by the higher emissions […]

  • Sadiq Khan Pledges to Clean Up London’s Toxic Air

    The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has announced on Friday (May 13) that he will launch a formal policy consultation in a matter of weeks on a major package of measures to tackle air pollution in London. The new Mayor made the announcement during a visit to Sir John Cass’s Foundation Primary School, in Aldgate, […]

  • Mayor of London Opposes Building on Green Belt

    The new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, wants to protect the city’s green spaces and has instructed city planners to block any proposals to build on the Green Belt. Mr. Khan pledged to oppose building on London’s green belt and instructed his planning officers to ensure his view is reflected in all planning decisions made […]