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  • Smart Checkout Technologies Help Retailers as Consumers Look for Frictionless Payments

    Smart Checkout Technologies Help Retailers as Consumers Look for Frictionless Payments

    The value of transactions processed by smart checkout technologies, where a frictionless model replaces the fixed checkout process, will reach $387 billion in 2025, up from just $2 billion in 2020.

  • Apple Pay just arrived in Spain, maybe a good thing for iPhone users, but not for everyone else

    iPhone and Apple Watch owners in Spain are probably happy to finally be able to flash their devices while paying at most stores, but merchants and ultimately customers will have to cover the cost. With less pomp and ceremony than in other countries, Apple Pay has made its third appearance in continental Europe. While the popular […]

  • Why Electronic Cash Might Work Now

    There are two technologies widely available that can make e-cash a reality: contactless chip-and-PIN secured cards and NFC smartphones. Four years ago, I wrote a blog about the failure of e-cash experiments, both in Europe and the US. There were many factors to blame, but the trials failed mostly because of reticence from small businesses […]

  • NXP and MasterCard Enable IoT Devices to Make NFC Payments

    Through MasterCard’s new program, which aims to enable any IoT device to become a payment device, the companies are revolutionizing how OEMs and banks deploy secure “pay” solutions to the market. NXP, having worked with Apple on Apple Pay, is now offering its Loader Service solution into MasterCard’s ecosystem. This will allow device manufacturers to […]

  • Cities Should Consider Going Cashless

    It is starting to make sense for cities worldwide to prepare for a cashless society. Children in Iceland bake cookies to sell on the street, a tradition similar to American kids’ first taste of business selling lemonade. The difference is their choice of payment: While in the US, kids selling lemonade only take cash, Iceland’s children […]