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  • Parking Reforms Could Be the Easiest Pollution and Economic Fix

    Parking Reforms Could Be the Easiest Pollution and Economic Fix

    Parking reforms may be the cheapest, fastest, and most straightforward way to increase economic efficiency, protect the environment, and promote social justice, argue the world’s top expert in city parking.

  • Paris passes its new Air Quality, Energy & Climate Action Plan

    Paris will be a carbon neutral city and 100% powered by renewable energy by 2050, after the Paris City Council unanimously adopted a new Air Quality, Energy & Climate Action Plan. Courtesy of Ian Kelsall (Pixabay) A major citizen consultation procedure will now be launched to allow every Parisian to participate in the implementation phase of […]

  • “London’s toxic air is an outrage” says Sadiq Khan

    Mayor launches first Low Emission Bus Zone to tackle toxic air‎ The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, today delivered the capital’s first ever Low Emission Bus Zone in one of the most polluted areas of London, Putney High Street. The clean bus zone, which runs a total of 145 buses on seven scheduled routes, will now […]

  • Catalan Researchers Use Bacteria to Recover Smartphone Metals

    Researchers at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) have discovered a method for recovering copper, gold, aluminum, and platinum from discarded mobile phones by employing bacteria. The system is more efficient than melting PCBs and almost emissions free. This idea entails using the metabolic activity of certain microorganisms (essentially bacteria) to regenerate the agents that […]

  • Barcelona Needs Swift Action Against Pollution

    The capital of Catalunya is suffering from persistent high pollution due to car density and the largest number of motorcycles of any European city. City administrators, while acknowledging the seriousness of the problem, have been unwilling to take any action that would upset drivers. This week I was pleasantly surprised to see a new campaign on […]

  • Thank you for cheating, Volkswagen

    The automaker’s emissions scandal could end up being a boon if it pushes governments and the industry to reassess diesel’s impact more honestly and move away from it altogether. Before you start howling at me, I’d like to say that I do feel for all the people working for VW and its subsidiaries, suppliers, and […]