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  • Patent Litigation Expected to Soar in 2017

    There has been a surge in patent litigation in the past five years, fueled by the accumulation of patents by Non-Practicing-Entities (NPEs) or Patent-Assertion-Entities (PAEs), commonly known as “patent trolls.” Of the over 7,500 patent trials and appeals filed in 2015, patent trolls filed 66.9% of all patent lawsuits. The new Trump administration could be […]

  • How IoT Helps to Bridge the Digital Divide

    Internet access and digital skills are key to unlocking the potential of the IoT. Applications such as telecommuting, virtual meetings, app-based public transport, smart cars and smart logistics, and smart buildings and smart appliances, can help curb emissions and provide more sustainable urban growth. One of the most interesting presentations during the IoT Solutions World Congress in […]