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  • NXP and Accton Offer Switch Solution for Open Compute Project

    NXP Semiconductors has collaborated with Accton Technology to develop a network services switch solution which is the first to combine the extreme 64-bit performance of ARM Cortex-A72 technology within a proven ODM design and in a comprehensive, open standards-based software platform. To streamline development and speed customer time to market, the NXP and Accton offering […]

  • Weak IoT Security Puts Networks At Risk

    A lack of security in IoT devices can provide a backdoor to corporate networks. Many low-cost IoT devices have weak network security that could allow hackers to access corporate networks through those devices. Companies compete on who can develop the most feature-rich products at the best price; device makers, unfortunately, haven’t made security a priority. […]

  • By 2020, Ten-Percent of Households Would Have a Robot

    The robots are coming! This is something we’ve known for a while. Industrial robots, mostly used on assembly lines, have been around for decades, and their use is still growing exponentially. Consumer robots, on the other hand, have been moving into our lives at a slow pace. But that is about to change. Recently, Juniper […]

  • IoT Security: Industry Finally Waking Up To The Dangers

    For the last several years, Internet of Things security has been one of the most hotly debated topics at Mobile World Congress. This year, however, IoT security took on a new sense of urgency as more devices are being connected and the technology turns mainstream. For the past several years, the Internet of Things has […]

  • Fueled by Mobile Apps, Big Auto Slowing Shifting from Selling Cars to Rentals

    The days of teenagers anxiously awaiting the moment they get their driver’s license are long over. Now, a ride on demand and even a car delivered to your door is just a mobile app away. It’s a major shift in the auto industry. In the past five years, we have experienced a dramatic shift in […]

  • How IoT Helps to Bridge the Digital Divide

    Internet access and digital skills are key to unlocking the potential of the IoT. Applications such as telecommuting, virtual meetings, app-based public transport, smart cars and smart logistics, and smart buildings and smart appliances, can help curb emissions and provide more sustainable urban growth. One of the most interesting presentations during the IoT Solutions World Congress in […]

  • NXP and MasterCard Enable IoT Devices to Make NFC Payments

    Through MasterCard’s new program, which aims to enable any IoT device to become a payment device, the companies are revolutionizing how OEMs and banks deploy secure “pay” solutions to the market. NXP, having worked with Apple on Apple Pay, is now offering its Loader Service solution into MasterCard’s ecosystem. This will allow device manufacturers to […]

  • Amazon Robotics Moves the Warehouse

    The real magic of robots and the Internet of Things is happening right now at Amazon’s vast fulfillment warehouses in the US. See what it’s all about, and learn how simple robotics can transform your organization’s logistical needs. While there is no shortage of stories about the future potential of Amazon’s drone delivery program, the […]

  • Barcelona wins five more years of MWC despite new mayor wobble

    Barcelona wins five more years of MWC despite new mayor wobble

    There’s nothing like continuity. Today, the GSMA announced that the Mobile World Congress — the world’s largest gathering of all things mobile — had extended its contract with Barcelona until 2023. It’s a measure of the city’s success in organizing a smoothly-run event attracting increasingly bigger crowds over the past 10 years that the GSMA should sign a new […]

  • Smart Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona

    Those elegant old Modernist lamp posts along Barcelona’s main shopping avenue, Passeig de Gràcia (Spanish: Paseo de Gracia), are about to become communication towers in disguise. The Gaudí-designed paving tiles that span the widened sidewalks will be hiding the latest technology and miles of fiber optics beneath their ornate surfaces. It’s all part of an […]