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The 2020 Smart City Award Goes to Shanghai

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The 2020 Smart City Award Goes to Shanghai

The 2020 Smart City Award Goes to Shanghai

Smart Shanghai — People-Oriented Smart City, the deployment of intensive digital Infrastructure, e-government services, a City Brain, and massive industrial digital transformation, made Shanghai the winner of the 2020 Smart City Award.

The Shanghai Smart City Plan (2016-220) is currently in its final year of implementation and has had a fruitful development, focusing on the following areas: digital infrastructure construction, e-government, City Brain, Integration technology, industry, and environmental strategy.

In the Xuhui District, Shanghai, Huawei, and the Urban Operation and Management Center jointly developed the “12345” intelligent sensing system by using AI technologies to dynamically analyze the interrelationship among hot topics three dimensions: time, space, and people. Based on the historical handling of hot topics, extracts a model to build a closed-loop process of intelligent awareness discovery, data analysis, and man-machine collaborative handling. In this way, trending hot topics and risks can be predicted in advance, providing decision-making support for efficient service handling.

During the construction of a smart urban area, Huangpu District of Shanghai innovatively proposed the overall goal and construction task of “IoT, Data Connection, and Intelligent Connection.” Guided by an innovative world-class design, it will create the Urban Operation Management Center in Huangpu District through innovative, comprehensive, all-time-space, full-process, and closed-loop operation and management models. Currently, the district has run 15 special applications in four sectors: public security, public management, public service, and economical operation. In implementing refined management of megacities, the concept of “unified network management” promotes smart city governance for a smarter Huangpu District.

In the face of the global climate change and development bottlenecks due to environmental and resource constraints, Shanghai is committed to becoming a more adaptable and resilient eco-city and a benchmark for international megacities in terms of green, low-carbon, and sustainable development by developing pilot spaces and infrastructures. 

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