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  • Trade Shows Uncertain Times

    Trade Shows Uncertain Times

    Expecting a dark winter, conferences are being canceled worldwide, putting millions of jobs at risk.

  • We’ll Make no Wine till the Sensor Tells us it’s Time

    We’ll Make no Wine till the Sensor Tells us it’s Time

    As IoT has already entered the wine industry, one group of scientists from Andalusia niche-down and look for ways to improve the Fino sherry fermentation process. The last thing one thinks about while enjoying tapas and sipping a chilled glass of Fino sherry on a summer afternoon is that the dry sherry they are enjoying […]

  • The Economic Impact of IoT Security

    Top industry security experts discuss the economic implications of the recent use of IoT devices as weapons in cyber attacks. Not surprisingly, one of the topics most discussed at last week’s IoT Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) in Barcelona, was how to secure IoT devices. While most experts agree that security has to be a priority when […]

  • IoT Solutions World Congress Focused on Testbeds, Collaboration

    This week, leaders of the new industrial revolution met in Barcelona for the second edition of the Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions World Congress. The event, jointly organized by the Fira of Barcelona and the Industrial Internet Consortium, attracts thousands of delegates and industry leaders from all over the world to evaluate and showcase IoT […]

  • How IoT Helps to Bridge the Digital Divide

    Internet access and digital skills are key to unlocking the potential of the IoT. Applications such as telecommuting, virtual meetings, app-based public transport, smart cars and smart logistics, and smart buildings and smart appliances, can help curb emissions and provide more sustainable urban growth. One of the most interesting presentations during the IoT Solutions World Congress in […]