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  • Amazon’s new “Always Home Cam” can spy everywhere in your home

    Amazon’s new “Always Home Cam” can spy everywhere in your home

    Yes, it is a drone! Would you allow a small flying camera to wander around your house and send footage to the cloud?

  • IoT Times: Software Cannot Effectively Secure Hardware

    IoT Times: Software Cannot Effectively Secure Hardware

    Most experts agree that in order to secure a hardware product and certify its origin and trustworthiness, a hardware secure element is necessary. Software cannot effectively secure hardware.   The authentication market is now expanding to include the Internet of Things; this, after being widely used in brand protection, IT security and Trusted Platform Module […]

  • Technology, and autonomous vehicles will disrupt mobility the next decade

    Technology, and autonomous vehicles will disrupt mobility the next decade

    Technology, and the change of demographics in the twenty-first century, will make connected cars and automated mobility services the next big business for electronics manufacturers, more than computers and smartphones.   Cities need a new mobility ecosystem In 30 years the majority of the world’s population will live in cities, creating a huge mobility challenge. […]

  • American Cloud Providers Rejoice as Microsoft Wins Foreign Server Case

    Last week the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that the FBI can’t force Microsoft to produce and turn over the emails of a suspected drug dealer stored in the company’s data centers in Ireland. The court decision stated: “We conclude that § 2703 of the Stored Communications Act does not […]

  • Disloyal Employees the Biggest Security Threat

    One in five employees is willing to leak confidential information, and 30% of them say that they will sell their work-related passwords for less than $1,000, according to Sailpoint 2016 Market Pulse Survey findings. The release of the Panama Papers is adding to the debate. When it comes to creating enterprise-level security for your company, […]

  • Brexit Effect: 8 Ways Tech Will Feel The Pain

    The United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union in a landmark vote conducted June 23. Despite last minute appeals to remain from leaders in the UK, Europe, and elsewhere around the world, British citizens voted 51.9 % to 48.1% in favor of “Brexit,” as leaving the EU became known. In the wake of the […]

  • New WiFi Standards White-Fi and HaLow for IoT Connectivity

    While 5G promises the possibility of fast low-cost connections and the ability to support of 100x more devices, the IoT industry can’t wait until those new 5G networks are ready and operating worldwide before deploying the billions of devices that will be online by the end of this decade. To avoid the saturation of existing […]

  • IoT and Analytics are Reshaping the Rail Industry

    Using sophisticated sensors and analytics Spain’s high-speed trains achieve 99.98% availability, allowing the rail company to operate without reserve units. The Bangkok metro also uses advanced analytics to achieve 99.55% availability. Equipping trains with sensors that monitor wear and tear of individual parts, using advanced analytics to forecast preventive maintenance, and scheduling replacements in advance […]

  • Universities Become New Target for Ransomware Attacks

    This week the University of Calgary in Canada admitted paying C$20,000 (€13,900) to a hacker to regain access to files stored in 600 computers, after it suffered a ransomware attack compromising over 9,000 email accounts. In order to receive the keys, the school paid the equivalent of C$20,000 in Bitcoins. The attack on May 28 […]

  • AirWatch Consolidates EMM Leadership in Latest IDC Report

    AirWatch, part of VMware’s End-User Computing unit, continues to be №1 with a 16.6% market share of the $1.8 billion EMM market in 2015. The worldwide market for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software and services experienced a substantial growth last year, going from $1.4 billion in 2014 to $1.8 billion in 2015, a 26.9% increase. […]