Tag: Security

  • NXP and Accton Offer Switch Solution for Open Compute Project

    NXP Semiconductors has collaborated with Accton Technology to develop a network services switch solution which is the first to combine the extreme 64-bit performance of ARM Cortex-A72 technology within a proven ODM design and in a comprehensive, open standards-based software platform. To streamline development and speed customer time to market, the NXP and Accton offering […]

  • IM Surges In Enterprise, But Ushers In Security Concerns

    Over the past 20 years, email has been the preferred communication technology in the enterprise. Now, as workers go mobile, instant messaging is replacing email, and that’s a big security concern for IT. For the past 20 years, most office workers, who have been desk-bound and using PCs or workstations, relied on corporate email for […]

  • Weak IoT Security Puts Networks At Risk

    A lack of security in IoT devices can provide a backdoor to corporate networks. Many low-cost IoT devices have weak network security that could allow hackers to access corporate networks through those devices. Companies compete on who can develop the most feature-rich products at the best price; device makers, unfortunately, haven’t made security a priority. […]

  • Why Electronic Cash Might Work Now

    There are two technologies widely available that can make e-cash a reality: contactless chip-and-PIN secured cards and NFC smartphones. Four years ago, I wrote a blog about the failure of e-cash experiments, both in Europe and the US. There were many factors to blame, but the trials failed mostly because of reticence from small businesses […]

  • IoT Security: Industry Finally Waking Up To The Dangers

    For the last several years, Internet of Things security has been one of the most hotly debated topics at Mobile World Congress. This year, however, IoT security took on a new sense of urgency as more devices are being connected and the technology turns mainstream. For the past several years, the Internet of Things has […]

  • What Apple Can Learn From BlackBerry

    BlackBerry was the preferred smartphone for business users a mere five years ago, until the company decided to allow certain governments to access user messages. Apple could face the same confidence loss from corporate customers if the company assists the FBI to crack the security of the iPhone. There is no shortage of news about […]

  • MWC Shows Industry’s Commitment to 5G

    Hopes run high for 5G at Mobile World Congress as the industry awaits a standard for the emerging technology. As expected, 5G was one of the main topics of discussion during Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year. Several companies had prototypes showing significant advances on the path to standardization and visitors could see working test […]

  • Smartwatches: The New Challenge in Mobile Management

    How long will it take before IT organizations are tasked with enabling and securing smartwatches? Good Technology and AirWatch, two enterprise mobility management companies, are already preparing their respective platforms for such demands. Two enterprise mobility management (EMM) companies are preparing their platforms for the next Bring Your Own Device trend to challenge the mettle […]

  • NXP and MasterCard Enable IoT Devices to Make NFC Payments

    Through MasterCard’s new program, which aims to enable any IoT device to become a payment device, the companies are revolutionizing how OEMs and banks deploy secure “pay” solutions to the market. NXP, having worked with Apple on Apple Pay, is now offering its Loader Service solution into MasterCard’s ecosystem. This will allow device manufacturers to […]