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  • Mayor of London Launches Solar Action Plan

    Mayor of London Launches Solar Action Plan

    London will need to be supplied by a range of efficient and clean energy sources. Energy generated from solar technologies will be part of this mix and London is aiming for two gigawatts of installed solar energy capacity by 2050.  Courtesy of Solar Trade Org In the past decade, the UK has seen a dramatic increase in […]

  • Barcelona is NOT joining cities taking EU Commission to Court over “License to Pollute” Diesel…

    Barcelona is NOT joining cities taking EU Commission to Court over “License to Pollute” Diesel…

    Mayors of Paris, Brussels, and Madrid fight for cleaner air for their citizens. Barcelona has not yet joined the plaintiffs. The European Court of Justice (ECJ)will hear arguments this week to determine whether three European cities can challenge vehicle emissions regulations set by the European Commission and agreed by national governments. The cities of Paris, […]

  • Paris passes its new Air Quality, Energy & Climate Action Plan

    Paris will be a carbon neutral city and 100% powered by renewable energy by 2050, after the Paris City Council unanimously adopted a new Air Quality, Energy & Climate Action Plan. Courtesy of Ian Kelsall (Pixabay) A major citizen consultation procedure will now be launched to allow every Parisian to participate in the implementation phase of […]

  • C40 Launches Competition for Global Cities to a Sustainable Future

    15 of the world’s great cities launched an unprecedented global competition to drive carbon neutral and resilient urban regeneration. Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris and Chair of C40 C40’s Reinventing Cities initiative has already identified 46 underutilized spaces to redevelop, including several empty plots and abandoned buildings, a former airport, historical mansions, underused car parks, and […]

  • Cities Commit to become Emissions Neutral by 2050

    The mayors of 25 pioneering cities, representing 150 million citizens, have pledged to develop and begin implementing more ambitious climate action plans before the end of 2020 to deliver emissions neutral and climate resilient cities by 2050. These plans will ensure the cities deliver on their share of emissions reductions required to realize the ambition of […]

  • European Mayors Respond to Trump as he Announces Pullback from Paris Accord

    Donald Trump has announced that he will withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement on climate change. Paris Mayor and C40 Chair Anne Hidalgo and several other global C40 mayors have made statements reacting to the news. European Mayors (Clockwise): Raymond Johansen (Oslo), Karin Wanngård (Stockholm), Anne Hidalgo (Paris), Giuseppe Sala (Milan) “Climate change is real: it […]

  • When you live at 78ºN you become an expert in everything

    When you live at 78ºN you become an expert in everything

    Christin Kristoffersen, former mayor of Longyearbyen, talks about the challenges and adventures of daily life in the Arctic Circle, and the growing impact of climate change. By Zairon (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons “In the arctic we see the changes first,” Kristoffersen said at the first Smart Island World Congress in Majorca last month. Climate change […]

  • When the waters are rising…

    Kiribati’s former president Anote Tong faces climate change head on and sees hope, even as islands become an early warning system for the international community. For the island nations of the South Pacific, climate change is a reality that is already causing people to migrate. The rise in sea level has made some low-lying islands […]

  • Anne Hidalgo and Arnold Schwarzenegger Announce Collaboration in Climate Change Fight

    Anne Hidalgo during the C40 Cities Women4Climate event in New York City C40 Cities and R20 Regions of Climate Action agree to work together to ensure implementation of the Paris Agreement Organisations led by the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, two of the world’s most powerful advocates for action […]

  • NYC Solar Power Capacity Surpasses 100 Megawatts

    Citywide solar capacity quadruples under Mayor de Blasio, supporting more than 2,700 jobs The City’s municipal solar portfolio alone is set to triple in size to nearly 25 MW with a new power purchase agreement to provide 88 sites, including 66 New York City schools, with solar panels, bringing the total to over 100 solar schools […]